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7 Keys to Success

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The Roman Road

(1) Romans 3:10 - This verse says we are all guilty before God and none of us are innocent.

(2) Romans 3:23 - This verse says why we are guilty. It's because we have all sinned.

(3) Romans 6:23 - This verse says that sin has consequences but that God also made a way out.

(4) Romans 5:8 - This verse says that it is God's love which motivated Him to make a way of escape for us and that way is through 
Christ Jesus

(5) Romans 10:9-10 - These verses explain that it is faith in Christ's finished work at Calvary that saves us from the penalty of sin 

(6) Romans 10:13 - This verse says that salvation is available to anyone and everyone

(7) Romans 5:1 - This verse explains the result of demonstrating faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ

(8) Romans 8:1 - This verse says that those who have trusted Christ as their Savior are no longer condemned but are now 
accepted by God

(9) Romans 8:38-39 - These verses explain that there is absolutely nothing that can undo God's salvation and ever separate us 
from Him again - Your salvation is permanent

Suggested In-Class Exercise: Have your students divide into pairs and use these techniques to share the gospel with each 
other to become more familiar with  the scriptures and comfortable with the process.

Suggested At-Home Exercise: Have each of your students memorize the bible verses and practice using these techniques 
to share the gospel with other trusted  Christian friends or family members.

Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion